Artistes 2020

The following artists have been confirmed, and many more artists will be confirmed over the coming months.

Abass Dodoo Ghanaian Drumming & performance Ghana
Aida Diop Guinean Dance (intermediate & advanced levels) Senegal
Ayoze De Alejandro Lopez Cajon Spain
Bear Love Gong Bath UK
Barry Mason Hang & Udu UK
Camilo Menjura Singing and performance Colombia
Claudio Kron Brazilian Pandeiro and performance Brazil
Dhol Blasters Indian Bhangra and performance India
Joe Caudwell Didgeridoo UK
Louis Pierre Yonsian Ivorian Dance Ivory Coast
Modou Diouf Sabar workshops and performance Senegal
Mohamed Gueye Sabar & Tama workshops and performance Senegal
Monette Marino Keita Djembe workshops and performance US
Seckou Keita Djembe workshops and performance Senegal
Simone Sou & Oleg Fateev Brazilian-Balkan performance Brazil / Moldova
Zong Zing All Stars Congolese performance DR of Congo