Bruce Ncube

Mema is a Ndebele word meaning “INVITE” to come and sing, dance and play different rhythms from Zimbabwe/ Africa. Mema is a multi-disciplined Arts Company which was formed in 2013 by Bruce Ncube, and he is a former member of the Grassroots Theatre Company. Bruce is still very much involved with Umkhathi Theatre Works, one of Zimbabwe’s leading theatre troupes, the group where he began his theatre career at the early age of 10. Mema is based in the high-density surburb of Njube in Bulawayo Zimbabwe.

Bruce has traveled extensively around the world, regionally and internationally, performing and teaching in schools, choirs, community/ youth centres, drum circles and in a variety of festivals such as African Drum Village, Scotland, Arbedeen International Youth Festival, Scotland, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, Festival of Spirituality, Scotland, Harare International Festival of Arts, Zimbabwe, Maitisong Festival, Botswana as well as at previous Drum Camp events.

Traditional dancing, singing and drumming in Zimbabwe has been passed on to generations and generations. Bruce seeks to preserve the true traditional Zimbabwean music, dances, drumming and storytelling by teaching and sharing locally, regionally and internationally.

Bruce will be running singing workshops and creating a group from the workshops for a performance.

Year Contributions
2019 Performance
Zimbabwean Singing Workshops
2018 Performance
Zimbabwean Singing Workshops
2017 Performance
Zimbabwean Singing Workshops
2016 Performance
Singing and Gumboot Dance Workshops