The World Music Workshop Festival schedules up to 40 different workshops each day with over 30 world-class teachers in music, dance, voice and percussion forms from around the globe. These workshops run across multiple venues over 3 days and give you the opportunity to learn and take part, whatever your level of ability. Some workshops are able to accommodate a range of ability levels, and may run separate workshops in order to accommodate the range of ability levels. The list below shows the events that might run this year and/or were held in previous years and shows the broad range that we provide. Each year, the line-up is different, although we do have some teachers and workshops that are repeated each year, as well as workshops that are making their debut, or have appeared occasionally in previous years. We strive to support the very popular workshops whilst always seeking to introduce something new. If you look at the list of artistes/teachers, in conjunction with the list below, then you should be able to get a good idea of what will appear in our timetable at this year's event.


Indian, Zimbabwean, Colombian, Tanzanian, Egyptian & Senegalese.

World Music (tuned instruments): 

Senegalese Kora, Hang, Australian Didgeridoo, Zimbawean Mbira, Ugandan Xylophone (Embaire), Ghanaian Xylophone (Gyil), Manding/Malinke (West Africa) Xylophone (Balafon), Kudu Horns, Nyanga Panpipes & Native American Flute.

World Percussion:

Brazilian Samba, Brazilian Pandeiro, Cuban Conga and Bata, Brazilian Berimbau, Peruvian Cajon, Udu, Egyptian Darabuka, Frame Drum, Body Percussion, Indian Tabla, Kashaka/Cas Cas & Spoons

African Percussion:

Djembe/Dundun (Guinea/Mali/Ivory Coast), Senegalese Sabar, Senegalese (Casamance) Serouba & Ghanaian Kpanlogo

World Dance:

Sengalese (Casamance) and Guinean Dance, Congolese Zoukous Dance, Brazilian Samba & Folkloric Dance, Egyptian Belly Dance, Brazilian Capoeira, Cuban Popular and Folkloric Dance, Spanish Flamenco, Zulu Dance, Animal Spirit Dance, Indian Bhangra and Bollywood Dance & South Italian Folk Dance

Therapy Zone - Meditative/Ambient:

Yoga, Tai Chi, Morning Gongs Bath Meditation & Pilates

The workshop timetable will be published shortly before the event which can then be downloaded or purchased at the event.